Education. Everywhere.

Our mission in Calcutta is to keep "Joyjeet Das Memorial School" open. There, a staff of 15 daily educates children aged 2 to 6, who otherwise, would be in the dangerous streets of Calcutta.

Our next step, choose a similar project in Canada where we can make an impact with local funds.



One Meal a Day

In a city where food insecurity, anaemia and increased child mortality is the norm, Joyjeet das Memorial School provides one meal a day for students and mothers alike.

For skeptic or absent fathers, this point alone is a motivation to bring their kids to school every day.


Regular Checkups

Targeting the slums of Calcutta means treating some kids who have never seen a doctor in their lives.

Here we detect and treat common diseases such as parasites, malnutrition, respiratory diseases and some cases of tuberculosis.



A lot of Small charities have more power than a single big one.

As opposed to larger and more structured organizations, small NGOs are very agile in the way they do their work. We may have an idea to raise money and implement it that week.

Our mission is much more focused, our impact, highly measurable. In 2018, Education Everywhere alone was able to cover 5,5 months of expenses for 115 kids at Joyjeet das Memorial School. This expenses include:

  • Schools Costs (rent, electricity...)
  • Teaching Staff Costs
  • School Supplies
  • 1 Meal a day
  • Medical Care & Medicine

And remember, 100% of your donation goes directly to the school, since Education Everywhere's costs (web hosting and development, travelling, promotion etc.) are all covered by the founding team.


Next Steps...

Learn more about Education Everywhere, Joyjeet Das Memorial School and our mission in Calcutta in our 2017-2018 Brochure & Programme. Download our brochure.