A classroom full of Students in Calcutta

Our Story

At its peak, Joyjeet das Memorial School educated 400 underprivileged kids in the slums of Calcutta, India. On top of providing an education, the school provided regular medical checks, vocational training for parents and one warm meal a day to those who need it most.

Due to lack of resources, in 2016 it could barely afford to provide services for 100 students and risked closing. Education Everywhere was created in 2016 to change that.

Rushed in its creation, Education Everywhere was born out of this emergency and between 2016 and 2017 managed to raise over $7,000 USD, effectively keeping the school open. Download our 2017-18 Brochure here.

Meet the Team

We're a small NGO founded by three friends in 2016.

Feel free to reach out to us on any social network and we'll be happy to provide more info.

Picture of Ramsés Jiménez, one of the cofounders of Education Everywhere

Ramsés Jiménez Moral


Ramsés is a life-long volunteer who travels to Calcutta as much as he can to help with things there. He met Mimi and learn of Joyjeet Das Memorial School and decided to help. He's now based in Majorca, Spain. Loves cats.

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Picture of Paula Roque, one of the cofounders of Education Everywhere

Paula Roque

Treasurer - Secretary

Originally from Brazil, Paula has lived in Madrid (where them three met), the north of Spain and now Omán. She has two little kids she calls "monkeys" all the time.


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Omar Sequera

Vice President

In charge of the platform, grants and donations, Omar brings the business side to Education Everywhere. He lives aboard an old 44 ft boat in British Columbia.


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Next Steps...

Learn more about Education Everywhere, Joyjeet Das Memorial School, our mission there and Calcutta in our 2019 Brochure and Programme.