Picture of the school's open air space full of kids.

Joyjeet das Memorial School

At present, we directly collaborate with Joyjeet Das Memorial School, a small “social school” / association in Calcutta, India. Created and run by Simanti Das, a.k.a. “Mimi”; the school educates children between 2 and 6 years of age in order to prepare them for elementary education, while at the same time, it takes them off the streets, thus avoiding falling into networks of child exploitation (begging, prostitution) or drugs.

Simanti Das

Also known as “Mimi”, this wonderful woman has been in charge of the execution of the project for more than 15 years since she created the school herself. After losing her son, Joyjeet. With her team, we go through the rural areas and "slums" of Calcutta, where kids belonging to low castes are offered an opportunity to go to school. The opportunity to be kids.

Mimi, the school's funder, is seating down while talking at a conference.

Families in Need

The financial situation of these families implies that sometimes they put their kids to work at home or in the streets, to contribute to the family economy. Sometimes for as little as daily food. In these cases, we work with such families to raise awareness about the importance of the education of children, and since we provide kids and mothers with one meal a day, we remove this financial burden.


In the school, we offer formal & complementary education, the children learn songs, the alphabet, English, numbers, colors, animals and other basic knowledge that prepare them for primary education afterwards. Since we act like a “social nursery” of sorts, we allow family members to go to work by taking care of the little ones.


Joyjeet das Memorial School provides an annual "Medical Camp" where we detect and treat common diseases such as parasites, malnutrition, respiratory diseases and some cases of tuberculosis. Kids are provided with daily meals that helps reduce their levels of malnutrition. These meals are made with local nutritious foods (fruit, grains, egg, rice, vegetables, etc.) and are prepared by groups of women from the community, who organized themselves and get paid for their work.

Next Steps...

Learn more about Education Everywhere, Joyjeet Das Memorial School and our mission here in Calcutta in our 2017-18 Brochure & Programme. Download Brochure.